You Need a Social Media Strategy – No Matter Your Industry

social media investor marketing

Now more than ever, social media has become an important channel for forming and sharing a company’s story, news, and accomplishments with investors. When curiosity strikes a retail investor, consumer, or anyone interested in your offering, they are likely to turn to the internet to learn more about you.

In addition to your website (which is also essential for any company), a presence on social media can help rapidly bring your company front and center to wide audiences. Many companies, however, shy away from the task of building and managing their social media channels. Big mistake!

This article will touch on how a clear social media strategy can strengthen your company’s online presence, help you optimize your story, and effectively reach retail investors–regardless of the industry your company is engaged in!


Social media allows you to quickly share your story, and get in front of retail investors.

Social platforms are designed to rapidly share information to your followers. Once a user becomes a follower, they have opted-in to receive your updates, and, in fact, they are looking forward to it! Sharing your press releases, new products, investment opportunities, media exposure, and even sharing industry news articles or your own research and opinions (engaging in “thought leadership”), can build loyalty with potential investors following you on a social media platform. In this way, your company’s story, news, and achievements can rapidly reach an audience much wider than those directly going to your website. You might be shocked how a single share from a loyal follower can increase your audience and put you in front of more interested investors or clients.


Social media can help keep a pulse on the needs and trends of your key audiences.

Ensuring investors, consumers, and followers can easily find, interact with, and return to you is one way to gain valuable knowledge of the desires of your target audience. Today, most social media platforms record interactions of followers with amazing accuracy and depth. You can access these insights–what post is liked and shared most, what had the greatest reach, which updates did not garner attention–and use this data to refine your overall investor marketing strategy. Determining the strengths of your company, as provided through direct online feedback, enables you to hone your offerings and company story and become more attractive to potential investors.


Social media can turn brand awareness into brand loyalty.

Once you’ve attracted a social media audience, the platforms allow you to engage them. Engaging your followers means educating, providing chances to share their comments, and of course inviting them to invest in your opportunity. Communicating through social posts consistently can nurture a trusting relationship with your valuable prospective retail investors and fans. Being visible and accessible online, no matter the industry you are in, will keep you in the forefront of your followers minds, whether they are investors, consumers, or other interested parties. The steady updates from your company can keep your stakeholders and buyers engaged and trusting in your offerings. To help come up with ideas of newsworthy info to share with your followers, download our 30 Press Release Ideas.


Social media can drive potential investors to your website and offering.

You want potential investors to visit your website. You want them to be interested in your offering. This is true no matter your industry. Social media can be utilized to drive traffic to your website by including calls to action in your postings. A call to action (CTA) can include links or details to find out more, explore one of your offerings, elect to opt in to receive company newsletters, attend an event, and more. Ultimately, a single click can take them wherever you’d like their attention to go. Furthermore, if planned correctly, a CTA can help you collect their information to call them back, send them an email, and get them on board with your offering.


Harnessing a social media platform allows you to control the narrative of your company’s story, reach a greater audience, perform market research, create brand loyalty and increase traffic to your other digital hubs. Social media is an effective communication tool that is often overlooked or undervalued in investor marketing. This tactic can boost your success if navigated correctly, regardless of your industry. The available outlets can be difficult to manage without the help of knowledgeable professionals so consider consulting an investor marketing or social media team that can expand your following.

For more information on how to create a clear, comprehensive, social media strategy check out the Flourish program offered by Plexus Media’s specialists. Give us a call today – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108