Who’s on First? – A guide to investor marketing and communications roles

investor marketing and communications

The first step in building an effective investor marketing and communications strategy is to leverage the appropriate members of your team to reach important investor audiences.  This quick guide outlines the roles and responsibilities of the heavy lifters that should be involved when crafting your company’s Investor Marketing and Investor Communications strategy.

Here’s who should be at the table: 

1 – The Boss Man — C-Suite Executives and decision-makers

While your company’s CEO and other leaders may be hard to peg down due to their busy schedules, they are a key component to any investor marketing and communication strategy. Your company’s leadership team can contribute to your strategy by performing some key responsibilities including: 

  • Communicating the company’s values, goals, and key messaging — these should build the foundation of every strategy. 
  • Acting as the face of the company for interviews, quotes, videos, and media releases. 
  • Providing leadership support for your strategy, which is essential for successful execution.

2 – The Whistleblower — Legal and compliance experts

They may not need to sit in on every meeting or review every communication piece, but your company’s legal team needs to be involved in major strategy decisions. If you are promoting your investment opportunity without a clear understanding of stock promotion laws on either the Canadian Securities Exchange or the United States Stock Exchange you are putting your company at risk. The legal team also plays an important role in supporting your Public Relations team during times of crisis communication.

3 – The Money Bringers — Investor Relations (IR) representative

An IR person’s key responsibility is to communicate with investors and contribute to a company’s investment opportunity achieving fair market valuation. It is also their job to manage an effective dialogue between a company, the financial community, and investors. Often investor relations may focus on institutional or “high net worth” investors to make the biggest impact with their time. Knowing how to reach these audiences effectively is a vital part of any investor communications and marketing strategy. 

4 – The Glamour Squad — Public Relations (PR) and media team

Public Relations is focused on reputation management for your company and investment opportunity. It’s their job to garner media exposure, build a company’s key messaging and unique media angles, safeguard a company’s public image, and provide a plan and support for crisis communication. Generally, their tactics are outward-facing and can include: 

  • Press Release creation
  • Media Pitches
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Media training 
  • Crisis communication plans

5 – The Digital Nerds — Investor marketing and digital relations team

A relatively new function that is critical to a company’s success, investor marketing teams focus on generating digital awareness among investing and trading communities across the web. Investor marketing teams are an important asset to the communication and marketing strategy as their tactics often times provide companies a trackable ROI and keep a pulse on how retail investors are feeling about a company’s investment opportunity. Investor marketing teams execute programs that generate potential retail investor leads, expand a company’s digital footprint, and spread awareness of a company with investment communities.


By inviting the right experts to the table your company can develop an effective and successful investor marketing and communication strategy.

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