today, Darren asked me on the podcast “Are you a professional?” Sorry, I was buzzed at the moment, and I think what he was asking was what you do for a living? Hard question to answer as the cannabis industry is kind of crazy! It’s a brand new industry with a lot of startups, so sometimes you never really know what you are getting into, or where some companies are going? Because some companies or CEO’s are brand new they have no track record, making it difficult to gauge their real value or growth potential. Unfortunately, as trade-off volunteerism is an interesting dynamic that just doesn’t exist in other industries.


Sometimes you gamble on an opportunity and hope for the best or move on to the next opportunity. The upside is that it enables you to do new and innovative things, in an industry that is constantly changing. I have managed several different projects involving real-time events with the planning behind social media events, managing video productions, scripting and interviewing CEO’s, all stemming from my original passion for writing.

I have really enjoyed doing these various projects, as it really doesn’t feel like work if that makes sense. Things are picking up now as there are more freelance jobs coming up so I am remaining optimistic. It’s a tricky industry to manage as there is a black, grey and white market with shifting regulations, it’s always changing.

One of the highlights of my careers is traveling, meeting and getting to interview some awesome people with genuine intentions to do the best with cannabis. Recently, I did a hero video shoot for Plexus Media featuring ex-UFC fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson who was in town to check out on the UFC fight! He was also in town to promote his new CBD line, Competitive Body Development (CBD). If you are not familiar with CBD’s (a cannabis compound that has huge medical benefits without the buzz), look it up as it will be the next biggest thing to come out of cannabis, as it can be infused into; beverages, pain salves, creams, capsules, and oils. Since MMA is one of those open-minded sports that is an early adapter and ready to embrace CBD’s, look for a lot of MMA fighters and endorsements coming soon!