The Advantage of Digital Roadshows for IR – A Look at the Spotlight Program

The Advantage of Digital Roadshows for IR -- A Look at the Spotlight Program

With the world rapidly changing in recent weeks, you have to be proactive more than ever to find new solutions to your company’s IR needs. First off, make sure you explore how to take advantage of investor behavior during COVID-19, and several ways of expanding your company’s digital footprint

You’re aware of how important it is to produce valuable content that boosts your SEO rankings, to optimize your website, to be involved in social media, and leverage other digital tactics to get the word out about your offering. These are some of the components of a successful digital marketing strategy, and can generate buzz about your company among existing and potential retail investors.

But there’s another way your company can communicate directly to investors without leaving the safety of home — with a Digital Marketing Roadshow. 

What is a digital marketing roadshow?

The digital marketing roadshow is a great way to gather your existing and potential investors in one (digital) space, to share current news of the company and answer questions in real time. The roadshow helps companies to achieve the goal of nurturing relations with current investors and bring new ones on board. According to the IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report, “48% of IROs rated roadshows as the ‘most rewarding investor event.’” And when done online, there’s no need for travel or social distancing considerations.

New ways to expand your company’s digital presence

To develop trustful and reliable relationships with your investors, your company should build a consistent newsflow for your shareholders. Especially during these times of digitalization, utilizing new ways to reach investors–including hosting a digital roadshow–can bring a company new leads and new retail investors.

Plexus provides end-to-end development and management of an investor web event to maximize your investor reach and engagement. Spotlight program brings hundreds of potential retail investors to tune in to your pitch, without the need to travel.

Our Spotlight program includes:

Email Invites and Registration:

Our marketing team of professionals prepares email invites and registration processes, including a landing page to sign up for the event. Using up-to-date email marketing techniques and best social media strategies we make sure that your event receives investor registration and attendance. If you are looking to present your message in front of more than 300k engaged potential investors, look at our News & Content Syndication Spectrum Program. Our goal is not only to amplify your message but also to foster engagement with your news and updates.

Attendance Tracking and Analytics:

Our operations team handles the planning, implementation and monitoring stages of the event. We make sure to precisely measure and track attendants and provide the results to the client, so a company can clearly see if they achieved desired results and which areas need improvements. 

Post-event Communication and Collateral:

Post-event communication and event collateral are integral parts of the process. After the event, we deliver a thank you email to all attendants with a CTA to reach out to your company, the audio recording of the event, and a full list of audience questions for your IR team to follow up. Event collateral enhances the experience with the attendees and reminds the key messages from the event as well as gives a deeper understanding of your company’s core values and vision by creating a brand identity. 

Specialty Lead-Generation Add-On Service:

If you’re interested in maximizing the reach of your event, try a lead generation add-on. Plexus Media representatives will be happy to give you more information based on your desired reach and outcomes.

Plexus provides end-to-end development and management of an investor web event to maximize your investor reach and engagement.

Program Options:

Spotlight Program – Investors are invited to the event using your existing investor email database and investor current network.

Spotlight + Thrive program add-on:

We develop a paid campaign and reach up to 320k potential investors beyond your audience to increase registrations for the event.

To sum up, by hosting a digital webcast, C-level execs can connect with hundreds of current and potential investors to go over their corporate deck, recent milestones, the company’s business model, future expansion plans, and even connect directly with the callers on the line by hosting a live Q&A.

Our secure and scalable service greatly reduces the costs and human resource commitment of a physical event, and simultaneously increases the reach of your key messaging. 

Don’t want to do the heavy lifting by organizing an Investor Web Event? Give Plexus Media a call today – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108