Raising Awareness for an Investment Opportunity: The Effect on Stock Price

Clean Air Metals Case Study

Digital tactics are imperative in this day and age. Innovative companies that apply investor marketing tactics are reaching an untapped investor target market and reaping the benefits. Robinhood investors are known for being able to send certain stocks swinging.

Although we cannot promise that our investor marketing tactics will affect stock price, generating awareness about a stock with the right story to an audience of millions tends to generate buying opportunities and have an effect on stock price. 

Clean Air Metals Inc.($AIR) engaged us to increase awareness and attract retail investors to its stock re-listing on the TSX Venture Exchange. Although our programs last a minimum of 3 months, we were challenged to build a campaign in just 30 days. 

In these 30 days, we committed to reaching 620,000 retail investors in the digital investor ecosystem and attracting 100 potential retail investors, we exceeded all expectations. Our results:

  • We reached more than 3.2 million potential investors
  • Attracted over 130 potential retail investor leads interested in $AIR
  • During this 30-day period, their stock increased by 35% 
  • $AIR saw volumes between 100k- 1.3M. 

Download the case study for more information here.

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