Raising Awareness for an Investment Opportunity: Building an Investor Base

Social media is critical to an ongoing investor relations strategy to engage with shareholders in their preferred method of communication. Many companies don’t understand the importance of using social media in their investor strategy because they are used to traditional investor relations tactics. Read more about micro-influencers here.

Cannabis is a completely new sector with some very unique obstacles due to differing regulations. Even if a company is registered in a country or state where cannabis is legal, promoting cannabis investment opportunities directly is explicitly banned. 

This is where social media comes in. Maneuvering social media to create an investor following is critical to creating an investor base.

We did exactly this for BevCanna ($BEV). Using our proprietary technology, we: 

  • Reached 650,000 potential investors 
  • Engaged with 10,000 shareholders and potential investors in their preferred method of communication 
  • Before the public listing we delivered over 2,500 potential retail investor leads

Read more in our case study here.

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