Press Release: Proprietary Technology Secures Unique Access to Network of 300k Potential Investors

Plexus Media’s Proprietary Technology Secures Unique Access to Network of 300k Potential Investors

A new investor marketing technological process developed to digitally share public company news with engaged potential retail investors on social media, financial publications, chat apps, and beyond.  

TORONTO, ONTARIO — October 22, 2019 — Plexus Media announces the launch of a proprietary investor marketing program and technology, called Spectrum, that allows Plexus clients to reach a growing audience of over 300,000 potential retail investors. 

News and content distribution is the key for raising awareness of a publicly traded company. We have developed a proprietary program and technology to leverage our extensive relationships with investing and trading communities. This technology makes it easy and has shown great results.” said Lior Ishai, Chief Executive Officer, Plexus Media. 

The technology allows companies to share press releases, media mentions, and content with an unparalleled network of micro influencers, investing focused social groups, financial forums and more. 

“During the development process, we worked to ensure compliance and simplicity  for our clients to share company news with shareholders and potential investors, said Kate Dorrell, Director of Business Development, Plexus Media. 

The Spectrum program highlights Plexus Media’s commitment to offering pre-IPO and public companies multi-channel distribution and full service solutions for news syndication. 

About Plexus Media 

Plexus Media is an investor marketing firm enabling new digital ways to share your investment story and attract potential retail investors. Plexus Media has been at the forefront of the investor marketing industry for the past three years and served companies in the finance, cannabis, technology, mining and online-gaming sectors. 

Our programs and proprietary marketing technology help pre-IPOs and publicly-listed companies syndicate their investment story to multiple channels and generate media coverage and investor awareness. In a nutshell, we produce and distribute newsworthy content to attract, engage, and nurture relations with shareholders and prospective retail investors.

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For more information, please contact Kate Dorrell, Director of Business Development, Plexus Media. 

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