Press Release: Plexus Media to Offer Breakthrough Video Engagement Solution to Investor Marketing Clients

The groundbreaking solution supports capital raising efforts by improving investor messaging using facial recognition to detect sentiment and engagement

Toronto, Ontario – (May 26, 2020) – Plexus Media announces the launch of a facial recognition video analysis solution designed to improve CEOs’ and entrepreneurs’ investment pitch messaging by detecting the emotion and engagement of potential investors. Anticipating investor sentiment ultimately makes it easier to bring in more capital.

Plexus Media is a leading investor marketing firm in North America that leverages innovative marketing technologies and tactics to generate awareness and attract retail investors for pre-IPO and publicly-listed companies.

Plexus utilizes technologies to optimize storytelling and connect with shareholders, potential investors, analysts, brokers, etc. Roadshows are critical for management teams to pitch their investment thesis. With changes across many industries and the global pandemic, video conferencing and virtual events have now become essential. It can be more difficult to gauge interest and emotion online vs. face-to-face. The solution allows clients to anticipate investor sentiment and then refine the pitch before the opportunity, online or in-person.

As part of Plexus Media’s commitment to bringing the latest technologies to investor marketing, they have entered into a joint-venture with Jinglz Inc. to utilize video analysis technology to support investor relations (IR) programs and offerings.

Based on slight changes in facial reactions to the video, the technology determines eight different emotions as well as engagement to deliver analysis. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning delivered by the solution, Plexus can validate the messaging of a client’s corporate presentation and suggest ways to improve the pitch for higher conversion into the investment. The solution is mobile and results are captured quickly, reporting back in near real-time.

“We are excited to offer this first-of-its-kind IR solution at Plexus. We are continuously developing our technologies and services to remain at the cutting edge of investor marketing and support what is most important to our clients,” said Lior Ishai, CEO Plexus Media.

About Plexus Media

Plexus Media has been at the forefront of the investor marketing industry since 2016, enabling new digital ways for pre-IPO and publicly-listed companies to syndicate their investment story to multiple channels, generate corporate awareness and attract potential retail investors.

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