Unite Communications

Unite Communications is a telecommunications company that builds unique business plans for their clients. As an alternative to major telecom companies in Canada, Unite prides itself on experience, reliability, and competitive cost.

We were tasked with:

  1. Developing a full digital marketing plan including competitor analysis, strategic content designed for lead generation, and social media activity.
  2. Creating and executing a comprehensive Google AdWords campaign.
  3. Migrating the website and optimizing the content for better lead generation.
  4. Integrating Mailchimp, Salesforce, a chat platform, and other software onto the website
  5. Implementing a strategic lead nurturing email campaign.

Our Results: Unite now has a user friendly website that is optimized to best convert their potential leads. Working hand in hand with the updated website, the Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns have converted traffic at a significantly decreased price than the campaigns that were running before partnering with Plexus Cybermedia. Check out the bottom line in our numbers below.

The Numbers:

  • Cost per lead decreased by 60% (take that to the bank!)
  • Conversion rate for Unite’s leading product increased by 6%

Marketing Strategy, PPC & Retargeting Management, Project Management