Nutritional High International Inc.

Nutritional High is a Canadian-based public company focused on developing, acquiring, and designing products and brands in the marijuana industry for medical and adult recreational use. The company was looking to improve its investor communications and online awareness in the booming cannabis industry.



1) Increase awareness of Nutritional High’s activities and products
2) Strengthen investor relations and provide steady flow of accurate and reliable communications

Solutions – Community Management & Investor Communications

Our Process:

  1. Industry Research: based on the nature of Nutritional High’s business and industry advertising limitations, we started by getting familiar with the advertising guidelines/policy and related resources.
  2. Knowledge Base: our team developed a full knowledge base document that included a social media channel audit, competitive analysis, appropriate resources, and major content players in the industry.
  3. Editorial Content Calendar: we created a full editorial calendar to support Nutritional High’s ongoing communications for 2017.

The Plexus Plan:

Our current services include monthly feature length blog articles, a revamped monthly newsletter, social media engagement, a freshly designed website, an updated corporate investor presentation, pitched articles to major industry publications, and full reporting on the success of our proposed initiatives.


  • Developed a successful monthly Investor Newsletter with over 45% open rate and over 13% click rate
  • Generated over 3,600 unique engagements with our content in the first two months
  • Generated over 200 new investment opportunities via email, social and inbound marketing

Email Marketing & Automation, Identity, Web & App Design, Social Media Marketing