Gravitas: vMobo

vMobo is an Interactive Mobile Direct Marketing Company that aims to revolutionize the retail industry, bridging the gap between retailer and consumer. Their proprietary technology platform currently services clients in India and UAE. vMobo is a client of Gravitas who is an integrated financial and advisory services firm led by proven experts in financial and capital market services.


We were tasked with:

  1. Redesigning vMobo’s investor presentation for future investment meetings
  2. Creating a sleeker and more modern “branding” strategy
  3. A turnaround deadline for final design was less than 7 days


Our Results:

We redesigned and reorganized vMobo’s investor presentation to create a look that matches their unique technology. An aesthetically pleasing design and easy to follow flow of information makes presenting their idea to future investors much easier as they move forward. Our final version was produced under deadline — taking only 6 days from start to final approval.

At Plexus, we understand that marketing sometimes is a “needed yesterday” solution, and we’re always ready to move full force on a project for companies who may be in a rush.


The Result:

  • Less than 6 days for complete presentation redesign
  • We also provided strategic rebranding as needed within the presentation
  • Gravitas has since asked for 2 more corporate presentation redesigns