Let’s Talk Cannabis. Cannabis Data.

When people ask you, “what’s it like, working in cannabis?” it’s sometimes hard to settle on one particular answer. 

There’s the sympathetic answer, it’s fantastic because cannabis has medicinal and wellness properties that will help millions of people. Or there’s the business answer, it’s thrilling to be getting in on the ground floor of a new global industry that offers interesting challenges and developments. Those two answers tend to cover most of the ground for why people like working in the cannabis industry, but there’s a third answer that sits between them, the innovation.

Part of my work with Plexus means I am privileged to meet innovative companies who want to enhance the industry and connect people to cannabis and find ways of doing it that respect the law and offer the best experiences.

I recently met with Strainprint at their office in Toronto, and the impression I was left with was of an innovative business, staffed by dedicated experts, who aim to enhance multiple areas of the industry through data analysis and community building.


The Strainprint Analytics platform

is a sophisticated system that provides insight and analysis to business components of the industry such as cultivators and retailers as well as scientific and medical components such as clinicians and researchers.

Anonymized data is collected from the Strainprint Cannabis Tracker, a cutting-edge app for Android and IOS, that not only traces multiple data points but includes smart-learning, adaptive, filtering, algorithms that prevent gaming of the system and the associated skewing of results.

Utilizing data collected through the Strainprint app creates information about multiple facets of the industry. Whether it’s consumer behavior, retail developments, cultivation changes, competitor analysis, clinic performance, or a host of other metrics, the platform empowers its corporate users with an insight beyond that which they would attain from their own data streams.

Aggregating data in this way helps to strengthen the industry by providing high-quality information that feeds into high-quality informed decisions. This data aggregation to information benefit model isn’t just for the corporate part of the industry; consumers benefit from it too.


The Strainprint app

that provides the data allowing cannabis patients and consumers to record their experiences with cannabis products and strains, and their efficacy in managing personal conditions.

The consumption journal aspect allows users greater insight into what is working for them and what is not. Over time they can create a heuristic profile they can use to adapt their usage, making informed choices on which strain to use, in what dosage, each day, based on their historic results and daily needs.

Given the tremendous number of strains available in flower form, as well as a myriad of other products such as dabs, vapes, edibles, and topicals, this type of tracking and personal profiling is invaluable to consumers managing long-term conditions.

To ensure privacy, the highest standard of medical data encoding is used within the app and all data outside of it is anonymized. Users can, however, elect to share their usage and dosage data with their physician to aid in ongoing treatment decisions and assessments.

Strainprint Community

Users of the app can also engage with other members of the Strainprint community. Taking in a number of different types of interactions that run from 1-2-1 discussions about treatments and conditions to posts and threaded discussions on the community forum. There’s also a curated news feed of articles and videos to inform and stimulate the community.

If you were buying a car you could make the right choice for a new vehicle by reading reviews, watching videos, and doing research, and never speak to another owner of that car, but this is not true with cannabis. Online advertising restrictions hamper information sharing and social stigma remains, to one degree or another, in most jurisdictions.

Communities like Strainprint’s do a great service to the industry by creating a space for consumers to discuss cannabis in all its forms, share their experiences, talk about what it can (and can’t) do, compare thoughts on products and keep up with ongoing developments within the industry.

In the same way that anonymized data from Strainprint helps business entities understand and operate effectively within the cannabis industry, their community building helps consumers understand the vast array of cannabis options they may be presented with and to hear from like-minded peers about their experiences in a respectful environment.

But, as is so often the case, the quality of a community is not the only consideration. It needs to be visually pleasing as well. Potential consumers don’t want to be faced with lo-res graphics, complex navigation, or inconsistent branding.

Strainprint’s branding across their app, website, logo and community platform, is consistent, clear, and direct. Chief Creative Office Stephanie Karasick and her team have done an exemplary job in matching the value of Strainprint’s work with ease of access via a simple and intuitive experience for all their customers, corporate or consumer.


They also produce a fine line of swag. Check it out at www.shop.strainprint.ca

I am available for other modeling work upon request 🙂

Throughout my time at their office I felt very welcome and found the staff to be a dedicated and knowledgeable group of people. Their obvious expertise on the technical side is matched by their drive and spirit to improve the cannabis industry for everyone that’s involved.

Working in the cannabis industry, you meet many innovative companies. People that make new cannabis products, develop new cultivation methods, redefine dispensary retail experiences, or find new applications for cannabis that could never have existed during prohibition. As the industry continues to grow, the landscape will be populated by these interesting new additions who push at the edges of what the market can cover.

In meeting Strainprint and being exposed to their work I have seen a company that’s innovative.

But, they’re also a company that wants to help connect these disparate points across the landscape. By nurturing and creating a community for consumers to discuss products, news, and experiences they provide an invaluable resource for advocates and those new to the market. Providing access to anonymized data for businesses and corporations, allowing them to gain greater insight and knowledge, will help drive the refinement of existing ideas and the development of new ones that address market needs.

That doesn’t just make Strainprint innovative, it makes them invaluable.