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Raising Awareness for an Investment Opportunity: The Effect on Stock Price

Digital tactics are imperative in this day and age. Innovative companies that apply investor marketing tactics are reaching an untapped investor target market and reaping the benefits. […]

A Checklist: The 6 Professionals You Need For A Reg A+ Capital Raise

Regulation A+ is a great alternative to an IPO because it is cheaper and involves less paperwork. This doesn’t mean that you can do it yourself. Actually, […]

Data is Power

Facebook, Google and the likes have seen controversy over data harvesting and privacy. They monitor your movement on their apps and the web and store the data. […]

Integrating Investor Marketing Into An Investor Relations Strategy

Investor marketing is a fairly new field that most companies don’t understand. As with any technology, there are few innovators and early adopters because people are afraid […]

How to Raise Capital with Regulation A+

Entrepreneurship has never been so accessible or encouraged. It seems that everyday there is a new startup popping up, hoping to become a unicorn. Having a great […]

Raising Awareness for an Investment Opportunity: Building an Investor Base

Social media is critical to an ongoing investor relations strategy to engage with shareholders in their preferred method of communication. Many companies don’t understand the importance of […]

3 Ways Investor Marketing Can Support ETFs & Mutual Funds

Investor marketing tactics tend to focus on pre-IPO or public companies. The innovative digital tactics we use can also apply to ETFs or mutual funds to attract […]

A Look at the Rise of Robinhood Investors: What Does It Mean for Investor Marketing?

There hasn’t been as much disruption in the retail market since the SEC deregulated discount brokerages in 1975. The power of Robinhood’s democratized finance has been unleashed: […]

Testing the Waters with Regulation A+ Crowdfunding: Good or Bad?

“Testing the Waters” allows Regulation A+ issuers the ability to test the viability of their crowdfunding project before fully committing serious money to the effort. It is [...]

Investing in the Next Decade

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen – Lenin Plexus Media was founded in 2016 to meet a growing need in […]

Press Release: Plexus Media to Offer Breakthrough Video Engagement Solution to Investor Marketing Clients

The groundbreaking solution supports capital raising efforts by improving investor messaging using facial recognition to detect sentiment and engagement Toronto, Ontario – (May 26, 2020) – Plexus […]

Top 5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Marketing Your Regulation A+ Raise

So, you’re attempting a Reg A+ raise. You’ve filed your paperwork, created a website, and now sit back and for your offering to go viral.  Unfortunately, it’s […]

Social Listening – Learn from an Expert

Investor Relations firms are considered to be a median between companies and investors. If you are subscribed to our investor marketing blog you should be perfectly aware […]

5 Ways Investor Marketing Supports Regulation A+ Raises

Congratulations on your Regulation A+ (exemption from registration) raise! You’ve filed your paperwork, have been approved, and are ready to watch the money pile in. You’re ready […]

Investor Marketing for IR and PR teams

In today’s competitive markets investor relations and public relations professionals have the momentous task of trying to grab investor attention in a crowded and noisy market. So […]

COVID-19 and Digital Marketing

We have been watching the spread of COVID-19 across the globe for months but it was hard to recognize the impending impact the virus would have on […]

2020 Investor Persona Report

Plexus media is a data-driven investor marketing firm that provides corporate awareness to attract retail investors. Because everything we do is digital and transparent, we have a […]

The Advantage of Digital Roadshows for IR – A Look at the Spotlight Program

With the world rapidly changing in recent weeks, you have to be proactive more than ever to find new solutions to your company’s IR needs. First off, […]

COVID-19: Investor Marketing in Times of Crisis

Nowadays, perception is everything. Marketing is not only providing awareness but carefully crafting and syndicating a thoughtful message about how you want to be perceived. If perception […]

What Are Investors Saying About Your Company?

Monitoring online conversations is a crucial element of finding out what is being said about your company online. You can’t rely on people always tagging your business […]

Esports: Who’s Investing and How to Reach Them

Esports could be the first trending investment of the roaring 2020s, and it’s no surprise to anyone who’s encountered the phenomenon personally! With a 380 million person […]

How Can Mining Sector Companies Reach Investors?

The largest mining conference in the world is taking place in Toronto at the end of February. Mining professionals from all over the world are gathering to […]

Is Analyst Research Dead?

More and more financial firms are seeking our investor marketing services for their clients. The more we chat with financial professionals, the more we find out about […]

Harborside Case Study: A Look at What We Did

New issuers need two things to survive in today’s competitive market space–awareness for their investment opportunity and new investors to support their funding efforts. How are these […]

Press Release: Plexus Media Hosts “Navigating The Investor Ecosystem Event” for over 50 Industry Professionals

The Event Exposed Local Entrepreneurs and Financial Professionals to Information About Leveraging Digital Investor Marketing Tactics to Support Private Placements and Stocks Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – January […]

Building a Consistent Newsflow for Your Shareholders

It’s 2020, guys. By this point, it’s no secret that putting out consistent content and newsflow for your shareholders is best practice.  In today’s modern world, there’s […]

Meet 2020’s Average Retail Investor

Retail investors can make up a large part of support for a public company. According to Investopedia, a retail investor can be defined as “an individual investor, […]

Are Press Releases A Waste Of Time?

In today’s twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week news cycle, information is received and distributed faster than ever. Being in this digital age, is putting out press releases still worth it? […]

A Look at the Changing Investor Ecosystem: Why Target the Digital Space?

Generally, an investor marketing strategy consists of two targets: institutional and retail, through the broker network. What happens if an investment is too small for an institutional […]

3 Reasons IPOs Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve made it.  Your hard work has paid off, and your company is going public.  Now more than ever, sharing your stock story and reaching a targeted […]

Who are Micro-Influencers and Why Do We Use Them for Investor Marketing?

Social media has become a powerful tool that can increase a company’s online presence and brand awareness when used strategically. Sharing a company’s news to reach a […]

Is Traditional IR Dead?

There’s no argument that an investor relations (IR) department is an essential component in a public company. As a whole, this team undertakes a number of important […]

5 Easy Ways to Expand Your Digital Footprint

In the dictionary, “digital footprint” is now defined as “a unique set of digital activities, actions, and communications that leave a data trace on the internet and […]

You Need a Social Media Strategy – No Matter Your Industry

Now more than ever, social media has become an important channel for forming and sharing a company’s story, news, and accomplishments with investors. When curiosity strikes a […]

Native Ads as an Investor Marketing Tactic

Native ads most commonly appear on websites as “recommended content”. Have you ever clicked through on an article about a company that was also centered on a […]

Compliance in Investor Marketing: What’s Legal and What’s Not

Although the financial services industry has come a long way from the pump and dump schemes of the Wolf of Wall Street days, retail investors should still […]

Press Release: Proprietary Technology Secures Unique Access to Network of 300k Potential Investors

Plexus Media’s Proprietary Technology Secures Unique Access to Network of 300k Potential Investors A new investor marketing technological process developed to digitally share public company news with […]

Who’s on First? – A guide to investor marketing and communications roles

The first step in building an effective investor marketing and communications strategy is to leverage the appropriate members of your team to reach important investor audiences.  This […]

Press Release: Plexus Media Launches Proprietary Investor Marketing Programs

Programs address common investor marketing and communications pain points in the capital markets Toronto, Ontario–October 15, 2019–Plexus Media announces the launch of its proprietary investor marketing programs […]

The Value of Retail Investors

Today, over 50 million households in North America engage in some kind of investing activity—from dabbling in penny stocks to large investments in established companies. If you […]

How to Respond to Negative Social Media Comments

There’s no denying that social media can feel like the Wild West at times. As a brand, you need to not only be aware of the space, […]

6 Reasons Digital Relations Should be a Priority

Face-to-face communication is the best communication right? Before digitalization this was true, but technology is moving forward quickly and people with it. As we all try to […]

8 Common Challenges in Investor Communications

Here’s a common scenario we come across when helping clients perfect their investor communications strategy: The company’s CEO carves out 5 minutes to chat about investor communications […]

Targeted Campaigns: Know Who is Buying Your Product

In today’s competitive market, knowing exactly who is buying your product helps bolster your marketing efforts and win loyal customers.  Instead of a “target everyone” approach, knowing […]

Here’s what 3 years of running a business looks like… and why I’m taking time to “stop and smell the roses”.

They say that “time flies when you’re having fun”. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that this phrase rings true as the co-founder of Plexus Media. […]

Five ways to avoid Instagram account shut down

Periodically, cannabis account managers wake up to find their Instagram account deleted. With limited advertising avenues for cannabis, especially online, and the need to spread brand awareness […]

The use of video in cannabis marketing

Consider this: if a picture is worth 1,000 words how much is a video worth? In content marketing, video is the new gold. It’s an easy-to-digest formula […]

How to Showcase Innovative Cannabis Technologies

One of the cool, impressive things that’s happening in the cannabis space is the new technology and techniques in development. There’s so much innovation taking place for […]

Confused About What You Can and Can’t Say Online for Cannabis Advertising?

Cannabis companies, just like any business, depend on reaching customers and building their brand through digital advertising. Newspapers and magazines no longer dominate as buyers spend much […]

Cannabis Influencers

Ask five people to define the term “influencers” and you’re sure to get six answers. Lately it seems that almost everyone is ready to harness the powers […]

Get Strategic: Investor Communications Play Key Role in Business Growth

In the emerging cannabis industry, competition for investment dollars is a high-stakes game. Investors are looking for companies with strong credibility and long-term growth potential. They want […]

How to Get Creative with Digital Marketing Limitations in Cannabis

Strategic marketing is a must for cannabis companies to get a foothold in a fast-growing and highly competitive market. Legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada […]

5 Reasons Your Cannabis Company is Not Generating Investor Leads

The legal cannabis market in North America reached $12 billion in 2018 and that number is expected to jump to $25 billion in three years. The rapid […]


today, Darren asked me on the podcast “Are you a professional?” Sorry, I was buzzed at the moment, and I think what he was asking was what [...]

How to Market Your Cannabis Business – Part 2

If you’re building a cannabis brand, you need to know how to navigate the legal landscape and go strong on digital marketing. An effective strategy will be […]

How to Market Your Cannabis Business

With cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use exploding into the mainstream, companies need strategic online and offline marketing strategies to cut through the noise to stand […]

Let’s Talk Cannabis. Cannabis Data.

When people ask you, “what’s it like, working in cannabis?” it’s sometimes hard to settle on one particular answer.  There’s the sympathetic answer, it’s fantastic because cannabis […]

10 Ideas That Help Businesses Retain Investors and Shareholders

Investors operate under the premise of “have you done anything for me recently?” It would seem they are rather picky, but, the reality is that they’re being […]

If you’re not seeing an increase of 60% CTR with social media retargeting, read this

Ever need a little nudge to get something done? Whether you use to do lists, phone reminders, post-it notes, or that helpful reminder from your spouse, sometimes […]

Lessons from Amazon about the Power of Reviews

In a world where we’re tempted to buy the best products (and then upgrade to the newest versions a few months later), I instead choose to curate […]

Facts tell but stories sell. Sell your SaaS better.

Jane loved hats so much, that when she would buy a hat from a store, she’d take it home and add some pom poms, feathers or beading. […]

Content Segmentation: 4 ways to ensure your email never gets deleted

It started with “I want to learn about developing workflows for Marketing Automation”, but a few days after I subscribed to their blog, I had enough!   […]

What Running Can Teach You About Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (SaaS)

There’s something that happens when you get close to the finish line of a race. As an avid cyclist and (wannabe) ultra runner, I know what it’s […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

Let’s make it short. As marketers, we are all about growing businesses and Lead Generation (or Demand Generation) is a key component of inbound marketing. For lead […]

5 Biggest Challenges for SaaS Companies (And How to Solve Them)

Born in the Startup Nation, dreams of my big exit and early retirement occur twice a week (Sunday at 2 am and Thursday at 4:30 am). While […]

Don’t Think, Draw: The Recipe for 2017 Marketing Strategy Success

There’s no doubt about the popularity (and success) of visual content – content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without). But, for some reason us marketers have no problems creating visual content for our customers – despite rarely using visuals for our own marketing planning.

9 Reasons to Draw Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

It’s amazing what you can achieve when drawing simple elements like arrows, boxes, circles and text and not sticking to a computer template or framework.
Here are 9 reasons (and benefits) to draw your 2017 marketing strategy.

5 Reasons Facebook Video Ads Are the New Go-To Marketing Strategy

Many of us often laugh at ourselves after realizing we’ve spent a significant amount of time on the Internet browsing various videos. But as a marketer, realizing that online videos have become the prevalent form of marketing is something to consider quite seriously. When you couple that with the fact that social media platforms, and Facebook in particular, have also become highly viable options for marketing, you can see why Facebook video ads offer marketers the chance to achieve optimal marketing potential.

3 Things I’ve Learned as a Digital Marketer

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and communications – especially the psychology behind how we communicate.
For almost a decade I lived and breathed this passion while working for mobile companies in their technology and training development divisions, and while serving the Air Force on the technology front.

What Marketers are Getting Wrong about Millennial Dads

As a young (or so I think) Dad, I’ve always told my wife that I want to be just as actively involved in our kids’ lives as she is – but even though fathers like myself are spending triple the amount of time with their kids since 1965, for some reason marketers have taken a long time to notice us.

How One Email Made Me Rethink My 2016 Strategy

There I was, catching up on some emails after my family vacation (where I actually unplugged from work for what feels like the first time all year!) when I got an email that made me pause and re-think my entire 2016 marketing plan.

The email was from a well-known marketing company that you’ve likely heard of – and I usually love their content. The subject line read: “The deadline to complete our survey is this Friday.”

What Running 30 Km Taught Me About the 6 Keys to Marketing Success in 2016

Last weekend, I ran 30 km on the trails with zero practice. No training, no stretching and no couch-to-5k to build up to the big 30-km day. Can you believe it?

Influencer Marketing Horror Stories And How to Avoid Them

Ghosts, witches, and skeletons are not the things you should be scared of this Halloween season. No, for brands, their biggest nightmares are marketing campaigns gone horribly wrong – and the negative results last much longer than one scary night.

I’m a Sucker for A/B Testing Technologies

Yes, I’m a sucker for A/B testing technologies and anything MailChimp.

Last month, MailChimp introduced a brand new A/B testing experience for us digital marketers to play with. It’s a completely redesigned interface with native content testing, so goodbye *|GROUP:X|* merge tag!

How to Win the Data Race

There’s no shortage of data today because there’s no shortage of content.
In fact, did you know that in 48 hours now we create more content than what was created from the beginning of time until 2003?! (You can thank Google’s Eric Schmidt for that impressive statistic).

10 Tips to Effectively Market Your Kids’ Products

You want to know one of the worst ideas I ever had as a parent? It was taking my kid to Wal-Mart during the holiday season. Or let’s be honest: even just on a regular Monday. Because kids have a sixth sense for the things they want – and so I somehow found myself running after my little boys down aisles and aisles of toys, electronics, chocolate more.

Storytelling to Millennial Dads

It’s when I’m running around at 6 in the morning trying to figure out why my iPad is in the fridge that it strikes me: have we made much progress, when it comes to marketing, in the last 50 years?

5 Ways to Prove Social Media ROI as a Marketer

As a marketer, chances are you’ve been pulled into a meeting or two and been asked the sometimes-dreaded question: “so, tell me Lior, what’s going on with our social media lately? I feel like I can’t prove the amount of time and money we’re investing for such little return.”