Integrating Investor Marketing Into An Investor Relations Strategy

Investor marketing is a fairly new field that most companies don’t understand. As with any technology, there are few innovators and early adopters because people are afraid of change. They are afraid of trying something new and failing.

Khiron Life Sciences Inc. ($KHRN) is an example of a company that understands the importance of digital investor marketing tactics and how to use them for an integrated investor relations strategy. 

Khiron engaged us in early 2020 with some very specific marketing objectives including:

  1. Attracting potential retail investors specifically in Florida and Texas
  2. Increasing shareholder and potential investor engagement
  3. Monitoring investor sentiment

In just 4 months, we worked with their IR teams and built a complete lead generation funnel to exceed their expectations. Our results:

  • Delivered over 1,400 potential retail investor leads across North America and over 150 across Europe.
  • Engaged with over 260,000 potential retail investors in closed and private investing and trading communities. Read more about the importance of micro-influencers here.
  • Implemented innovative video press releases.

Download the full case study here for more information on our process.

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