How to Showcase Innovative Cannabis Technologies

One of the cool, impressive things that’s happening in the cannabis space is the new technology and techniques in development. There’s so much innovation taking place for growing high-quality cannabis, extraction methods, product development, environmental impact, and product forms and formulations for consumption. And when you think about, we’re just getting started.

Showcasing the innovative technology however, isn’t front and center in cannabis marketing. There’s a lot of focus on branding, crafting stand-out products, and the customer experience of your brand and your product. But marketers devoted to the cannabis sector are making innovative technology part of the brand story.


Empowering Customers: Huge Demand for Cannabis Education

Why? It supports education about cannabis and demonstrates a company’s dedication to producing leading, quality products. We live in a tech-oriented society with smartphones and self-driving cars, so technology is a captivating part of a company’s story.

Consider, too, that there are more new customers in the cannabis space than in any other space in recent history around product consumption. Without education of product—how it’s made and the “why” behind what makes it a desirable, effective product—customers are left in the dark. No one wants that.

With legalization, cannabis has become new territory for so many canna-curious consumers, interested in health-promoting recreational and medicinal products. There are more than a thousand strains of cannabis. How do people know which ones are in patch form or which ones are available in CBD oil? Where can consumers go to learn about this?

Telling the story of how your cannabis is grown and turned into amazing products is educational. That storyline empowers customers with the key knowledge to make informed buying decisions.


Differentiating Your Company in the Market with Tech Expertise

Demonstrating tech innovation is also one more way companies can differentiate themselves in a competitive market, showcasing their expertise. There’s tremendous value in cannabis marketing and getting strategic with investor communications to build your brand and your capital. You can integrate the technology angle into email campaigns, social media messaging, and videos that highlight your company’s innovation.

As Tim Calkins, Clinical Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, told Forbes: “It isn’t often that you see an entirely new market emerge on the scene, especially one where brands will play a key role. Many people first experienced cannabis as an unbranded plastic bag. This is not likely to be the future state. Cannabis will become a market dominated by strong, vibrant brands.”

How strong and vibrant a company’s brand is has a lot to do with marketing, brand story, and education. Partnering with cannabis marketing specialists like Plexus Media, for example, gives companies the advantage. Plexus has put together successful educational cannabis programs for clients, along with tried and true investor communications programs like email newsletters with established key contacts in the industry.

Proven marketing strategies will put companies in a growth position in this fast-moving, highly competitive environment. And that’s a good place to be.

As Calkins predicts, “We will see very creative brand-building activities in the years to come. I anticipate that marketing investment will grow exponentially as companies work to carve out a leading position and capture value in an emerging market.”