How Can Mining Sector Companies Reach Investors?

5 Tips for Mining Companies to Reach Investors

The largest mining conference in the world is taking place in Toronto at the end of February. Mining professionals from all over the world are gathering to network and discuss sustainability, best practices, and how to attract investors.

The mining and resource industry is very volatile and risky. Whether a private placement, junior or senior mining stock, commodity prices fluctuate frequently. Gambling on exploration can be extremely lucrative if successful, but odds aren’t always in your favour. Burned investors have shied away from the sector but we are now seeing an increase in investor appetite. 

Where Can Today’s Mining Investors Be Found?

The investor ecosystem has changed since mining was last in favour and the value of the retail investor has never been as important. From our own research, we know that 59% of retail investors are between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. From this sample, we know that millennials are open to buying financial products in a very non-traditional matter. A younger investor has a longer time horizon and tends to take on more risk than the boomer generation that traditional wealth managers deal with. 

Your retail investor audience has turned into a digital, tech-savvy population. This trend is only going to continue with the upcoming intergenerational wealth transfer. As a result, companies listing in today’s markets need to reach investors in new ways and not just through traditional wealth managers: through a digital relations and investor marketing strategy. 

Step 1: Create an online presence

Retail investors are on social media daily using digital media solutions to seek out information on their investment opportunities. They are working with digital trading platforms, educating themselves through online publications, engaging on forums, and they are searching for opportunities using search engines. Having an online presence is imperative for today’s companies: if you don’t build it, they can’t come!

Step 2: Engage in proactive marketing to create awareness

Build a comprehensive investor marketing plan. This plan needs to include social media channels, a website, email campaigns, and more. Engage in digital relations to transform static news into conversations and bypass media to speak directly to your target audience online. 

Step 3: Provide consistent communication 

Investor communication plays a key role in growing your investor base. Consistent news flow is key for mining companies, especially those in the exploration phase, to generate and nurture interest. Create key messaging and content to push to potential retail investors. This proves difficult for companies. Avoid the 8 common challenges in investor communications

Pro tip: Our proprietary Spectrum technology or Spotlight programs are an innovative tool for mining companies to syndicate news to investment communities and reach their potential retail investor target market. 

Step 4: Nurture your leads

When you get email contacts from prospects who have downloaded your investor deck, these new leads should be part of your email marketing newsletter sent to existing and potential retail investors.

This communication builds rapport with your future investors. Considering how many emails we all get, it pays to work with a professional marketing company that can create tailored, targeted email newsletters designed to get the most eyes on it.

Step 5: Monitor sentiment

Investors are already discussing your company as an investment

opportunity across social networks, online publications, and forums

around the world. Our Chatter program helps you engage in conversations that are already happening about your company across the web to support investor’s and traders’ buying decisions.

Plexus has a number of programs that build awareness and attract retail investors through a digital, multi-channel approach. Our database of over 320,000 retail investors and relationships with over 85 online communities will allow you to expand your reach to a completely new investor target market.


For more information on how to craft an engaging digital relations plan to expand your investor reach, check out the comprehensive Edge program offered by Plexus Media’s specialists. Give us a call today – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108