Harborside Case Study: A Look at What We Did

Investor communications case study harborside

New issuers need two things to survive in today’s competitive market space–awareness for their investment opportunity and new investors to support their funding efforts. How are these key ingredients obtained you might ask? Smart, data-driven investor marketing and communication programs that reach investor audiences across multiple channels. In this post we will take a close look at one of our clients, Harborside inc., to give a real world example of what we at Plexus Media, aim to achieve every day.

Who is Harborside? 

Harborside Inc. (d.b.a The Harborside Group) is a California-focused cannabis company with retail, production, and cultivation operations built around recognized brands. Harborside tasked us with raising awareness and attracting potential retail investors to support their funding efforts while they executed a reverse takeover (RTO) with Lineage Grow Company, adding two dispensaries in prominent cities in Oregon, alongside cultivation, distribution and retail assets to its portfolio. On June 10, 2019, Harborside listed publicly on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol “HBOR”. We developed a plan strategically implementing our proprietary programs, including Spectrum, Flourish, and Edge. In the end, this unique combination led to some big results.

Harborside: The Approach

Due to the strict regulations surrounding the cannabis industry, our team had to be extremely mindful in selecting tactics to generate positive buzz around the offering. Cannabis online advertising and paid promotion carry some specific boundaries, which change from platform to platform. Companies unaware of these limitations can risk their public listing.

To generate awareness we utilized the Plexus Spectrum program. Harborside news was distributed across a growing network of potential investors. By distributing Harborside news releases where investors are already talking about the next opportunity, we make sure that investors will see and discuss the stock story.

We also implemented our Plexus Flourish program to optimize Harborside’s digital relations across various social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. We create original content that reflects and supports the company’s vision and mission to generate brand awareness. Simultaneously, we manage online conversations with shareholders and investors. From these efforts, we saw a 778% growth across Harborside Investor social media channels.

Finally, our Plexus Edge program allowed our team of industry professionals to handle a wide array of investor marketing and communications needs for Harborside. In addition to their investor website and other ongoing​​ communications regarding media coverage, we ensured new potential retail investors had the information they needed about the company to make an educated decision about investing. 

If you’d like more info about our work with Harborside, take a closer look at the full case study, including statistics and results, located here: Harborside Case Study.

Why are digital relations so important in today’s world? It’s not just a buzzword. Digital relations are critical to a robust investor relations strategy. Nowadays, it is the most appropriate time to consider whether or not you are properly prioritizing your digital relations strategy for investor marketing.

Download the Harborside Case Study today! If you want to learn more about our programs, contact marketing experts at Plexus Media who have developed proprietary technology to distribute your company’s news and regularly craft full digital marketing and communications programs for public companies.