Esports: Who’s Investing and How to Reach Them

Esports could be the first trending investment of the roaring 2020s, and it’s no surprise to anyone who’s encountered the phenomenon personally! With a 380 million person fanbase reported in 2018, there is significant monetization opportunity for esports events and organizations–from media rights, sponsorship, advertisement, and more. And innovators in the space are jumping at the chance to make a mark.

Esports is short for “electronic sports”, and involves competitive gaming with computers or gaming consoles. Depending on the game, the setup may allow players to compete individually for prizes or there may be an option to join larger organizations that compete for larger cash prizes. Fans enjoy watching and cheering on the top athletes or teams in their craft, resulting in spectator counts rivaling those of even the Super Bowl!

Who is investing in esports?

If esports is such a trending industry, who’s putting money where the game is? High-profile celebrities including Michael Jordan, Drake, and more have been making big monetary commitments to the industry in the form of investments and company purchases. 

In addition to popular cultural figures, major well-known companies with strong portfolios are staking claims within esports. McDonald’s is investing in advertisement across numerous platforms. PepsiCo and Nike have multiple lines of esports sponsorships. Not to mention Comcast is investing $50 million in an esports stadium in Philadelphia.

Average retail investors are also keeping a close eye on the top stocks to watch in esports, and getting familiar with the investment opportunity. Plexus put together an Esports Forecast in 2020 whitepaper specifically aimed to help investors get the info they need to confidently approach the sector. To learn more about who’s investing in esports, download our Esports Forecast in 2020 whitepaper today.

How do I reach potential investors in esports?

If you want to target investors interested in an investment opportunity in the esports sector, you’ve got to go where they are getting their intel: Online

Esports enthusiasts are made up of some of the more tech-savvy individuals in the investment community. They are on forums, across social media, in the esports platforms themselves, having conversations and gathering information about companies in the space. Any esports company wanting to reach investors interested in their offering should not neglect a digital marketing strategy that maximizes their digital footprint. Below are a few tactics used to reach potential investors in this sector.

1 – Micro-Influencers

Of course, people trust the experts. Because of this, one effective tactic is the use of micro-influencers in the esports investment community to share news and updates with their loyal followers. Learn more about why micro-influencers are used in investment marketing and how our Spectrum program can get your company updates to investors from trusted individuals in digital communities.

2 – Investor Community Monitoring and Engagement

Investment and trading forums and social groups are an increasingly common way for investors to ask questions and get answers. By monitoring these forums and getting involved in the conversation, you can provide info about your stock story at the right time to the right people. Listening to digital investor communities is also a great way to inform your marketing decisions, by seeing what investors are talking about–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Learn more about how our Chatter program can keep you informed and involved in important conversations happening in investor groups.

3 – Social Media

You need an investor social media strategy, no matter your industry. This is even more true in a sector that heavily operates in a digital space. Make it easy for investors to find you and follow you, and watch your community of potential investors grow. Your strategy should include regular news updates, as well as content that engages your followers about the industry as a whole. Let us take care of the heavy lifting with our Flourish program for social media management.

Ultimately, any company in the esports space–whether an established player or one preparing for their IPO–needs to approach their investor marketing with a digital focus. For more information on how Plexus Media can get your investment story in front of investors, where they already are, Contact Us or give us a call today – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108

And, if you want to learn more about the booming esports industry, download our Esports Forecast in 2020!