Data is Power

Facebook, Google and the likes have seen controversy over data harvesting and privacy. They monitor your movement on their apps and the web and store the data. Have you really thought about what data is?

Data is Power

Your data forms the basis of who you are. From this, marketers can break down your demographics, psychographics, interests etc. They can figure out which target market you fit into and what you would be most interested in seeing or purchasing to move you through the buying process.

This is the same for investments. Investors are consuming their information and making trade decisions online. The Plexus Media team has 20 years of experience in digital marketing and has been able to create 16 different retail investor personas that you can read about here

Multiple Touchpoints

Finding the right investor persona for a stock is one of our first steps when we start working with a client. Coupled with the key messaging, we can put together a strong investor marketing plan that will hit the investor on multiple touchpoints to move them throughout the buying journey.

It takes 4-7 touchpoints for us to remember something we have seen. Our Thrive program uses digital advertising to strategically place your content on multiple platforms, publications, newsletters and more.

Our Spectrum program has relationships with 340+ online investing and trading groups and financial forums. Private and closed groups are a trusted way to engage with investors. Our Chatter program allows us to monitor what investors are saying about your company in these groups and even respond so that you can control the narrative.

Plexus has been creating lead generation funnels and moving investors through the investment buying journey since 2016. Contact us to raise corporate awareness from an untapped market of retail investor – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108