COVID-19: Investor Marketing in Times of Crisis

Nowadays, perception is everything. Marketing is not only providing awareness but carefully crafting and syndicating a thoughtful message about how you want to be perceived. If perception is negative, it is very hard to change. 

Mass media thrives on creating and fueling panic because news organizations tend to focus on what’s new rather than the big picture. They don’t always distinguish between hard and soft facts and speculation. People also tend to overreact to emerging issues.

COVID-19 is not the first issue to create volatility. Granted, being in the longest bull market in history, economists and investors have been predicting a massive pullback for years. The Coronavirus was the accelerant to both the supply and demand sides of the economy. 

How to Take Advantage of Investor Behaviour?

  • Present Bias: think long-term, trust yourself!

If you already found contrarian opinions, mapped out all scenarios to create the best strategies for your company, don’t start doubting yourself now. When put to the test, people tend to doubt their beliefs. This leads to short-term moves that don’t always align with the long-term vision. Focus on working on and communicating your long-term value. If you still think you need a second opinion on your investor marketing strategy or key messaging, we can coach you in the right direction.

  • Don’t just tune out the noise, put a positive spin on it

Investors are constantly distracted by news headlines and market movements, due to health crises or anything else. However, sometimes movements in your stock aren’t just market noise. Our Chatter program allows you to listen to and monitor investor sentiment about your stock. With the correct information, you can properly engage with investors to deliver the right information.

  • Communication is critical

Consistent communication and managing expectations based on facts is critical for any investor relations strategy. It is even more so during a crisis. Events are rapidly unfolding. Use different mediums to communicate with investors where they consume their information. Give inboxes a break. Check out our Spectrum program to access to 245+ investing and trading communities.

  • Health is wealth!

In the meantime, take all the necessary precautions to safeguard the health of you and your employees. But don’t let this panic put a dent in your investor marketing momentum. Our Spotlight program allows you to take your road shows online. Communicate with existing and potential retail investors virtually.

  • Seize the opportunity!

There’s no beating around the bush: markets have crashed. You are not alone. But this too shall pass. This is the perfect opportunity to create an investor marketing strategy. Once markets bottom, investors are hungry to recoup losses and doubting their current investments. Watching from the sidelines results in missed opportunities. 

  • Try digital

With many businesses deploying work from home measures and volatile markets, investors are consuming more and more of their information online. Plexus Media is one of the few companies that applies digital marketing tactics to investments. We create a target profile of investor specific to your company and then engage with them on their preferred channels. 


For more information on how to craft an engaging digital relations plan to expand your investor reach, check out the comprehensive Edge program offered by Plexus Media’s specialists. Give us a call today – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108