COVID-19 and Digital Marketing

We have been watching the spread of COVID-19 across the globe for months but it was hard to recognize the impending impact the virus would have on our economy and day to day life. As companies are coming to terms with this new reality, we wanted to share a few tips on ways your company can continue to reach investors and create awareness for your company and/or investment opportunity. 

5 Tips for Thriving During Quarantine

Stop sending that same COVID-19 email. We get it. Your company is handling COVID-19 and you want your followers to know it. The problem is that email inboxes around the world are stuffed with that same message from every company they ever gave their email address to and those messages are going straight to the trash. We’re not saying ignore COVID-19 and we’re not saying stop emailing your investors. Instead, find a different reason for sending an email. Here are a couple ideas: 

  • Ask your followers to donate to a COVID-19 charity and then offer to match their donation (pro tip: share the campaign heavily on social media). 
  • Create an educational email series about your company/industry to help people spend their time during quarantine and raise interest in your investment.

Don’t know what to write? Check our recent post about building a consistent news flow for your shareholders.

Stay visible. It’s easy to just shut the office door and stay out of the public eye during this trying time, but if you want your company to stay top of mind you need to stay in front of investors. Luckily there are great tools available to help you do this. A virtual annual meeting or quarterly report is a great way to connect with shareholders and potential investors. It allows you to show them that your company and investment opportunity is still viable and that your management team is prepared to handle the crisis. Check out this great article on hosting digital roadshows and investor events.

Listen and Engage. Do you know what investors are saying about your company? People have a lot of free time right now and somewhere across the web someone is talking about your company. It may be Facebook, or in the comments of Stockhouse, or maybe even in the deep dark depths of Reddit, but someone is discussing your investment opportunity and it is essential that you know what they are saying and engage when appropriate. Rather than combing the internet yourself we recommend using social listening programs to both track sentiments and engage with potential investors directly.

Maintain your digital presence. Your company’s digital footprint is more important now than ever before as it is the ONLY way to connect with investors and shareholders while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. This means your website needs to be up to date with current news, social media should be regularly sharing interesting content, and you should be working for those earned media opportunities that can set your company apart from the competition.

Be a hero.  As we have mentioned, all eyes are on you right now. Investors around the world are watching company after company make a decision on how they are going to respond to this crisis. That includes how companies are treating their employees, how they are interacting with the larger world, and of course how they are continuing to do business. Be the leader the world needs right now. Follow social distancing protocols, support your employees, and give back to your community if possible. You may not be recognized for doing the right thing, but if you do the wrong thing it takes one disgruntled employee with a moderate twitter following to leave an unforgettable mark against your business. 


Following these tips will help your company not just thrive, but survive during the COVID-19 crisis. Need more tips for optimizing your digital investor marketing strategy? Ask for a call back our data-driven marketers are happy to help.