Cannabis Brand Marketing

The cannabis industry is budding, and brand marketing is critical to your success.

Why Plexus?

Plexus has been helping cannabis brands since 2016 across key markets in North America. Our US and CA teams are familiar with the everyday challenges cannabis brands are facing. Between advertising restrictions, social media shutdowns, and dispensary shelf crowding… it’s hard to know how to market your brand.

Our team has worked with multiple cannabis brands and developed industry-specific solutions designed to expose your brand to millions of consumers.
Plexus can ramp up brand awareness, improve your connection to consumers/dispensaries, and boost sales.


Plexus developed the most comprehensive solution out there to connect consumers and dispensaries in key markets across North America.

Cannabis Brand Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Cannabis Sales Strategy
Media Outreach
In-dispensary Promotion
Cannabis Advertising
Cannabis Events & Awards


How do brands get their product to stand out in the overcrowded edibles and vape pens cannabis landscape?

Learn how we developed innovative strategies and tactics to support the sales and marketing efforts of the FLÏ brand in two of the biggest markets in the US.

Download our case study to learn more.


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