Are Press Releases A Waste Of Time?

are press releases still relevant?

In today’s twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week news cycle, information is received and distributed faster than ever. Being in this digital age, is putting out press releases still worth it?


What is the purpose of a press release?

The purpose of a press release is to provide the public (including potential investors, shareholders, and clients) to-the-point, fact-based information about your company. Do you have a product release, event, or organizational update? Publish a press release! A strategic press release will include any information relevant to your company’s news, with enough detail that a media outlet could craft a piece about it.

Press releases are a key component to a digital marketing strategy, and provide valuable information to your investor base. In addition, press releases can be posted on your website, shared across social media, and increase your rankings on search engines. Considering that investor communications play a key role in business growth, this standard of corporate communication should not be overlooked.

What makes a press release?

A press release, when broken down, is a simple document. The body should include your announcement in a factual manner (avoid over-the-top language or excessive self-praising) and include some keywords. Keywords can help make your press release land high in search engine results, and get in the hands of potential investors searching for specific offerings (e.g. fintech, IPO, green energy, etc.). 

The body copy can also include a call to action to increase traffic to your company’s website and visibility into your brand, such as a link to visit your investor website for more information. 

At the end of the press release, you should always include your company’s boilerplate and contact information. Make it easy for any readers to understand your company, and how to reach you to learn more!

Why is a press release important?

Previously, press releases were delivered by hand to media outlets, and had to go through journalists for editing and publishing. Now, you can post your press release directly with a news wire service, and have it online in hours. Eliminating the middlemen in communication with retail investors allows a direct line of dialogue to occur, and information to reach all interested parties at the same time. Potential investors, shareholders, and the public deem press releases to be credible for this reason.

A press release is an effective way to provide a legitimate view of your brand’s story and offering. Press releases will groom your investor relations by offering insightful communications to shareholders and potential lenders. Retail investors seek reliable sources for information regarding their ventures. If you are thinking of publishing a press release, check out the 30 press release ideas we at Plexus Media have put together for free to download! 

How to reach a wider audience with your press release.

Press releases can be prepared by your investor marketing team to save you time and ensure the use of best practices. If you want your press release to reach targeted audiences, solutions exist to help with this also! Speak with the experts at Plexus Media, who have developed proprietary technology to distribute your company’s news to a growing network of over 300,000 potential retail investors. Learn more about our Spectrum solution today.