6 Reasons Digital Relations Should be a Priority

Face-to-face communication is the best communication right? Before digitalization this was true, but technology is moving forward quickly and people with it. As we all try to keep up with tech advancements in our work and daily lives, digital relations are more important now than ever. Today, a strong digital relations strategy can be the difference between success and failure for you and your company.

Investor relations have a significant impact on all functions of the business. In this way it is important to ensure that your investor marketing strategy includes digital mediums to support your company’s success with investors. Why is it crucial to connect digitally with current and potential investors?

6 Reasons Digital Relations Should be a Priority:

1 – Digital relations can boost your ranking on search engines.

When used strategically, digital relations lead to more visits to your website, and nurtures curiosity about your brand. Search engine optimization is a powerful tool employed by many of the most recognized brands and companies. Using a combination of key messaging, website optimization, social media leveraging, partner web publication spotlights, and other optimization techniques, your company’s name can rank on the first page of your favorite search engines. Better digital visibility means new investors and trading volume. 

2 – Digital relations provide data to strategize investor marketing.

In face-to-face relations, It’s hard to track the success of your interaction – there isn’t exactly an app that lets you download the analytics of the conversation. Digital relations, on the other hand, can do just that. Digital tactics are trackable, reportable, and provide actionable data to monitor your strengths and highlight areas for improvement. With a comprehensive digital relations strategy, you can focus on the actions that lead to website visits, downloads of your investor deck, or requests for meetings. Once you know what draws interest to your company, you’ve won half the battle. Learn more about what you can do with this kind of data by reading our Targeted Campaigns: Know Who is Buying Your Product article.

3 – Digital relations allows continuous communication with your audience and saves you time.

Social media marketing, email marketing, investor web events, corporate videos, and other digital communications can establish trust with your existing and potential investors and grow your audience. Using digital investor marketing techniques, a company can schedule communications to reach the target audience at any time of the day via the best-performing channels. And an added benefit? No need to schedule in-person meetings and  risk leaving out key stakeholders. Save time and reach your key audience with immediate results using digital methods.

4 – Digital relations increase brand awareness and presence.

By leveraging influencers, bloggers, online forums, and other players in the digital space, you expand your reach to potential investors much faster. In most scenarios, established influencers have a loyal audience interested in their opinions and ideas. One mention placed strategically can increase brand awareness and media coverage for your offering exponentially. Outside of the influencer realm, frequent website updates including: recent news, interviews, videos and articles is a smart move to expand your digital awareness footprint. Digital content is regularly shared across digital platforms, and you never know whose eye it might catch. Pro tip: consider posting multiple press releases every month to gain some digital traction. Need some ideas for new press releases? Check out this article with 30 Press release ideas. 

5 – Digital relations increase engagement with young professionals.

Did you know that 60% of retail investors are between the ages of 25 and 44?* That audience will not be reached via print ads and roadshows. If you want to see results you need to reach them in the digital space.  Lacking a professional website, active social media accounts, and results on the first page of a Google search (no really – studies show most users will not click past the second page on a google search), you may have lost their attention for good. Strategic work on digital relations can help your brand dominate the Internet and capture the attention of young professional investors.

6 – Digital relations bring new investors on board.

It’s easy to say “it’s a numbers game” when discussing sales, but what number did you have in mind? Think big. There is interest, but they have to know you’re there to hop on board. Bottom line: digital relations not only keep your existing investors informed and happy, but also brings in new blood. Digital connections require a high level of professional skills and targeted strategies. By getting your brand ranked higher in search engines, generating digital content that’s easily shareable, providing access to email updates, fostering an online social media presence, and using all the digital sphere has to offer, your audience will grow. 

Information moves faster than it ever has before, and digital relations gets the info you want to share to an audience who’s really interested in your opportunity. It’s not an area of your company that you want to neglect.

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*Source: Plexus network analytics and IR reporting.