5 Ways Investor Marketing Supports Regulation A+ Raises

Congratulations on your Regulation A+ (exemption from registration) raise! You’ve filed your paperwork, have been approved, and are ready to watch the money pile in. You’re ready to start receiving investment. Now what? Your biggest hurdle is yet to come—attracting potential investors.

Unlike in a traditional IPO, no one is doing your marketing. There is no bank behind you pushing the stock. It is solely up to you and your own marketing plan to drive investment. You can’t just rely on the word-of-mouth of your family and friends.

This is where help from an investor marketing firm comes in. Investor marketing firms like Plexus Media can: 

  1. Build an online presence 

We can’t stress this enough. The first thing that someone does when wanting to know more about your company is: GOOGLE IT! Make sure you have a beautiful, functional website and engage in social media. This will build your credibility. Investor marketing firms can help optimize your website and social media. To learn how we optimize your social media for investors check out our Flourish program.

  1. Raise Awareness

Let’s start by getting the word out about who you are. We start by figuring out the key messaging to show your value to investors. We then figure out a plan to build excitement about your company and management team. The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to amplify your message to millions of potential investors. This can come in the form of ads, social media influencers, media outreach, email marketing, etc.

  1. Generate Leads

We will build an investor persona, or potential investor target market, and then execute a marketing campaign targeting where these investors consume information. By hitting your target market on multiple touchpoints, you can pique their interest to want more information about your investment. Investor marketing can generate hundreds of potential retail investor leads per month interested in you and your company. Imagine the flattery!

  1. Nurture

After you get a list of interested investors, now what? Do you have time to follow up with hundreds of individuals? Better yet, is it worth your time? Could you be focusing on growing your business instead? An investor marketing firm can help create a lead nurturing email campaign. Through a series of emails, you will drip information to your interested investors to answer their questions, doubts, and continue engaging with them.

  1. The Final Push

The final push is helping to finally convert leads into investors. You might want to add a type of calling desk to follow up with leads, if you don’t already have someone on your team for this. Another option could be an online webcast event: like our Spotlight event. Investors like to do their own due diligence and meet and hear management. We can host an online event where you deliver a corporate presentation and take moderated questions from your potential investor base, where they release all doubts and become investors into your company.

An investor marketing campaign is crucial to the success of your capital raise. Plexus Media has been helping make Reg A raises a success since 2016. For more information check out our Thrive program or give us a call to speak to a marketer today 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108

Good luck!