5 Reasons Facebook Video Ads Are the New Go-To Marketing Strategy

Many of us often laugh at ourselves after realizing we’ve spent a significant amount of time on the Internet browsing various videos. But as a marketer, realizing that online videos have become the prevalent form of marketing is something to consider quite seriously. When you couple that with the fact that social media platforms, and Facebook in particular, have also become highly viable options for marketing, you can see why Facebook video ads offer marketers the chance to achieve optimal marketing potential.

Consider that Facebook receives over four billion video views per day, and on the mobile front, Facebook has surpassed YouTube in video minutes watched by consumers each month. Aside from the abundance of videos on Facebook and the hundreds of thousands watching, there are five reasons Facebook video ads are the new go-to marketing strategy.



1. Brand Recognition and Sales Conversions Increase with Facebook Video Ads

A video ad will stay with a viewer far longer than a text ad (about 30 days), and consumers are more apt to purchase a product after viewing a video (1.8 times more, according to Adobe.) And with 135 percent greater organic reach than photo posts, Facebook video ads drive traffic to your website, and viewer retention subsequently increases brand recognition.


2. Advanced Targeting

The Facebook Ad platform has always had excellent options for targeting a particular demographic, and Facebook has also added new tools and analytics designed specifically for Facebook video ads, increasing the overall effectiveness of your campaign.


3. Videos Can Be Easily Shared

Text ads and email marketing aren’t typically forwarded on to others, but a clever, funny or entertaining Facebook video ad can be potentially shared with thousands. Recent statistics show that 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others.


4. Product Videos Better Help Consumers Decide to Purchase a Product

90 percent of consumers say that seeing the product or service in action, in a video that is informative or entertaining (or both), helps them better decide to make a purchase.


5. Facebook video ads are good for B2B marketing, too

59 percent of executives polled stated they prefer to watch videos rather than read a text ad, and B2B marketers that use Facebook video ads report a significantly higher ROI.

When creating your own Facebook video ad, remember these best practices:

  • Capture attention from the start
  • Create ads that tell a story rather than forcibly promote a product or service
  • Create the ad with your target audience in mind
  • Include a call to action
  • Add closed captioning for viewers that watch ads with the volume off!
Facebook video ads are not a marketing trend—they are here to stay as a proven medium, and I’ll definitely be discussing them more in-depth in the near future.