3 Ways Investor Marketing Can Support ETFs & Mutual Funds

Investor marketing tactics tend to focus on pre-IPO or public companies. The innovative digital tactics we use can also apply to ETFs or mutual funds to attract retail investors. 

With almost 140 fund management firms in Canada offering more than 4,000 funds and over 9,600 mutual funds offered in the United States, asset managers need to think outside the box to attract investors. Using the same investor marketing principles Plexus uses for pre-IPO and public clients, we can change our approach. Let’s look at three ways that investor marketing can support ETF and mutual fund sales funnels.

Raising Awareness

Retail investors new to investing or to a sector would be more open to investing in an index or mutual fund. Our Spectrum proprietary program and technology has relationships with over 340 investing and trading groups, financial forums, and influencers. Groups that are sector specific are a great starting point for retail investors looking to learn more and would be more open to buying a sector specific ETF. Learn more about raising awareness to an untapped investor target market through Spectrum and read about the importance of mico-influencers here.

Lead Generation

Most asset managers understand the value of digital marketing and have a team to promote their products. Additionally, ETF and mutual fund sales people can use investor marketing for lead generation. We can create a lead generation program targeted towards Investment Advisors or to the end investor. Leads will be interested in the specific product offering and asking for more information. Check out our Thrive program for more information.

Due Diligence

Once you have your sales pipeline full of fresh retail investor leads, host a webcast to address all your investors concerns. This helps with conversion into the investment. Our Spotlight program does all the heavy lifting from invitations, landing pages, logistics and more. We can even promote the webcast to attract more retail investor leads to the event. 

In today’s saturated financial markets, think outside the box. Contact one of our digital marketing experts to help your ETF or mutual fund reach an untapped market of investor – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108