3 Reasons IPOs Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

3 Reasons IPOs Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve made it. 

Your hard work has paid off, and your company is going public. 

Now more than ever, sharing your stock story and reaching a targeted audience of retail investors is critical to your IPO’s success. Companies preparing for or recently completing their IPO need a robust digital marketing strategy.

Why you need a strong digital marketing strategy for IPOs:

1 – Retail investors are conducting their research online

With the advent of the Internet came a paradigm shift in the way investors research investment opportunities, as well as how companies share their news and updates. Retail investors are conducting their research online. Especially for companies getting ready for their IPO, the value of retail investors cannot be understated. Some important assets needed to establish and later grow your digital footprint include:

  • Press releases: When new developments occur within the company, make the news public with a press release. Many investors have alerts for news with certain topics and keywords, and a well-written press release could create new interest in your offering. In addition, a press release is a versatile piece of content that can be posted on your website, sent via email to your investor base, and posted to social media. For some press release ideas, check out our 30 Press Release Ideas whitepaper.
  • Your company’s investor website: Your website should be your company info “treasure trove”. Be sure your website includes your stock story, as well as financial reporting, press releases, media coverage, contact details, and more. A high quality website optimized for investor marketing can help you generate leads and nurture existing relationships without lots of one-on-one calls and meetings. Your website should also be SEO optimized, so when investors search for keywords in your offering, your site will display on the first page of results.
  • Prospective investor email newsletter: Send the message you want to share directly to your prospective investors’ email inboxes with periodic newsletters or email blasts. Managing an email database can be time consuming, but locating interested investors and following up with your curated content will build trust and encourage investment.
  • Social media channels: More and more investors are keeping a pulse on the investment landscape via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and even Instagram. Keeping a flow of content across social media increases your reach and allows anyone curious about your offering to follow you, becoming part of your social community. In addition, your content can be shared in investment discussion social media groups where investors are already talking about opportunities in the market.

With these cornerstone tools in your digital marketing strategy, you have made your stock story available to retail investors conducting their research online. But the possibilities don’t end with a website and social media presence! There are ways to generate leads in a target market of your choosing, increase your public relations exposure with featured articles, become a thought leader in your industry with the creation of whitepapers and custom content, and more. 

2 – Digital marketing and communications are trackable and measurable.

Do you know who is interested in your investment opportunity? Have you determined what content is working to bring in new interest, and what isn’t? Digital marketing has the marked advantage of being trackable and measurable. From your website to your social media activity, any digital marketing will have analytics that can shed light on demographics, viewer behavior, and even specific details (such as contact information) of investors interacting with your content. This data can be used to hone your investor marketing strategy. These insights are of particular importance during an IPO, as you make your debut as a public company in the digital space. In addition, learning more about the specific type of investor that’s most interested in your offering can empower you to make targeted campaigns, and get the best results from your digital marketing work.

3 – Your digital marketing strategy can help you stand out against the competition.

Entering the marketplace can feel a little like jumping into the wild wild west. Trends can change quickly, attitudes toward certain solutions may alter with the market, and of course, old and new competition is around every corner. A robust digital strategy optimized for investor marketing can get your offering in front of the right people, and make you stand out against your competition. If your website has a high ranking for the keywords investors are looking for, you’ll be viewed above the other companies who didn’t put the thought into their SEO. If your news is disseminated where investors are doing their research, your news will be read and engaged with. If your key messaging is honed and viewable across several digital platforms (your website, social media, in press releases, etc.), you’ll have a leg up over competition who only approached one digital tactic, or none at all. To get your offering a buzz louder than your competition, a robust digital marketing strategy is paramount!


If your company is pre-IPO or has recently gone public, taking full advantage of digital marketing to reach retail investors should be at the top of your mind. At Plexus, we’ve developed a proven set of solutions to get your IPO story in front of interested investors. Want us to do the heavy lifting?  Check out our Edge program for IPOs, or give us a call today – 1-844-6PLEXUS ext. 108