2020 Investor Persona Report

Plexus media is a data-driven investor marketing firm that provides corporate awareness to attract retail investors. Because everything we do is digital and transparent, we have a lot of great analytics. We recently took a deep dive into our data to gain a better understanding of the average retail investor for publicly listed companies.

Our 2020 Investor Persona Report samples 9 public companies, with an average market cap of $65M, and covers 431 days on average per company. All data in this report was collected anonymously from multiple digital channels and assets (email, social, website).

Digital marketing has a distinct advantage over other sources of traditional investor traffic in that the data is easily accessible. Companies using our proactive strategies saw drastic increases to their investor websites.

Some other things we found:

  • The top cities where investors are found
  • The job titles of the most active investors
  • Average age
  • Average dollar value of investment
  • The top platforms that are producing investor referrals (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.)
  • Interests or hobbies of investors

From our experience with past and current clients, social media is often an overlooked method of communicating with the average retail investor. Despite clients knowing social media should be a part of their communications strategy. It’s imperative to establish a social media foothold to gain a better line of communication with your existing retail investor base.

Want to learn more? Arm yourself with the latest market statistics to be able to properly craft your investor marketing strategy for 2020. Download our 2020 Retail Investor Persona Report for all the details.