10 Ideas That Help Businesses Retain Investors and Shareholders

Investors operate under the premise of “have you done anything for me recently?” It would seem they are rather picky, but, the reality is that they’re being cautious. They don’t just get involved with a business because an opportunity presents itself. Investors look at what the opportunity has to offer them. What will they gain from it?


If you have a business, you need to keep your investors interested to ensure long-term valuation. There are several important investor marketing strategy ideas to remember that will help push your company to success.


10 Key Ideas To Keep Investors Interested and Your Business Successful


Come Up With A Tactical Investment Plan


It is completely possible to develop a long-term investment plan for short-term investors. The way to do this is to develop a tactical plan that investors can understand, have belief in, and can support it. You want the plan to be professional but also something they can easily understand. An investor needs to know which way the company is moving toward, so they can formulate expectations of its success. If your vision meets their goals, they’ll provide you with the necessary funds to help you carry out the plan.


Stick to Your Plan

After you’ve developed your plan, you need to follow it completely. There are going to be times when you’ll want to quit or second-guess your decisions. Don’t do that. If you see something that needs to be improved, you can always test it. However, don’t think that you’ll be able to fix things that go wrong right away. It’s going to take patience and time. Investor marketing demands patience and determination.


Know your Playfield

When it comes to IR, it’s critical to know your playfield to generate traction and engagement. Investor relations professional know about the financial publications and channels that are available to them; make use of these channels to help the business succeed. If you can’t do it on your own, you can always consider the services of a professional investor marketing firm to assist you.


Make Investors Aware of Your Plan

Always provide as much information as you can to your investors. You want to keep your investors informed as much as possible. Be sure to make them aware of earnings dates, speaking engagements, conference calls, and so on. Investors should know what to expect and when.


Use the Internet for Your Investments

It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that the Internet is a tool used by many businesses, investors, and stakeholders. After all, it’s allowing them to keep up with an organization’s happenings via the website, investor webcasts, presentations, yearly reports, and investor updates to name a few.  When your investors are on your website, you can control their perceptions and interactions with the company.


Use Your Yearly Report

Although your investors will have a plethora of other material they can go through, it’s the yearly report that gives them the most information. Make sure to put some effort into the report, so it conveys the kind of message you hope resonates with investors. The idea of a yearly report is to offer some groundwork for their expectations. This is what they’ll use to determine if they should invest in the company or move on.


Offer Analyst Coverage to Increase Loyalty

When it comes to market valuations and investor interest, corporations can benefit tremendously when they provide analyst coverage to their investors.


Create Informative Press Releases

Press releases give you a great way to let investors know about your company.  There is no better way to provide them with information about the business, including what’s new, what’s going on, how you can assist people, etc. Use every chance you can to show investors, clients, customers, and others what you’re all about, and use each chance to your benefit.


Your Attention Should Be on Operating Your Business

It’s important to understand that an investor communications job is a full-time expectation. The CEO, CFO, and others are not going to be able to do their jobs and take care of investor relations.


Investors Are Your Customers, Too

Treat your investors as your customers and give them the same attention that you would anyone else. If they have questions, get back to them right away. If you understand the importance of customer loyalty, it’s also key for your investors.


As a public company, you’re asking the general public to invest. For a company to survive, it must be taken seriously. This means developing a well-structured, well-thought-out investor communications strategy and tactics. Start with the IR section on your site. Use a downloadable investor deck, financial publications outreach, investor newsletters, and social media campaigns to expand your reach to new prospects and strengthen your relationships with current investors.


You must show investors why they should do business with you.