Why choose Plexus?

10+ years experience, Proven Success with Leading Firms,
Dynamic and Modern Agency Structure, Lean & Mean Team.

Plexus Cybermedia is your marketing partner that cares about your business just as much as you do. We spend time developing a practical marketing action plan, completing competitor and industry research, and actioning the strategic growth plans that we’ve developed.

Our Focus

Social Media & Communications

Social media marketing and other strategic communications require time and strategy. Our plans focus on proactive engagement with your audience and researched publications/influencers in your industry. Using our expertise, we work diligently to grow your fan base using existing content that you just don’t have time to share. With our expertise, you’ll see a real return on your social media and communications activity.

Lead Generation

Our focus when designing lead generation campaigns for a client is always the bottom line. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what you take to the bank. By combining strategic content creation, optimized landing pages, Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram ads, and software integration, our end goal is always to increase conversions for your business.

What do you get when working with us

A Complete Team

You gain access to a team that benefits YOUR business: a marketing strategist, a project manager, a copywriter, a social media manager, a web designer, a video editor...the list goes on.


We keep our feet to the fire by creating project plans that have real and measurable goals. Believe in (and celebrate) the small wins with us on your way to the top.


We ALL pride ourselves on being specialists in specific areas. If one team member isn’t right for your project, another is. Compare it to hiring one person who REALLY does it all (only, that doesn't exist...we do).

Status Calls

Our team is proactive and will drive your marketing plan. And...we get that you’re busy, but we also know you want to discuss performance, new ideas, and discuss future goals. We’re big believers in picking up the phone and chatting with our clients on a weekly basis.


Coffee breaks? Surfing the web? Procrastinating? Our team is about getting it done by the deadline, so slacking off on your marketing plan isn’t an option for us. We maximize our own productivity so we don’t waste your time (and ours).

No Payroll

As a business owner, you're looking for performance from your team. Hiring marketing professionals might get costly for the expertise and results that you’re looking for. Our specialized outsourced marketing team adapts quickly to become your marketing department without the overheads, benefits, and so on. Win, win.

Meet our Team